Secure Hospitals

As bespoke fabricators we are able to tailor our furniture to your specific requirements however we recognise that our extensive experience in this specialised field makes us well placed to provide more than just a fabrication facility.

Design Stage Involvement As bespoke fabricators we WILL be able to produce to your design. However by involvement at an early stage it is quite possible that we can highlight production or installation economies that will seriously improve the costs of your project without compromising your design intent. Contact to arrange a meeting.

Storage Capacity

It is likely that a higher volume of storage space will be required than is often the case in a prison situation. Our furniture can be tailored to suit your specific room layouts whilst at the same avoiding compromising sight lines or other local issues. We have detailed and provided full height panelling solutions, ensured that our furniture remains firmly attached to the floor without compromising the integrity of the under-floor heating system and provided enhanced support to a desk unit without creating an issue as far as cleaning the floor under the desk is concerned.

Non-Institutional Look

The wide range of plain colours and patterns within the Trespa range ensures that the institutional look can be avoided. The 10 wood grain effects are particularly appealing ranging from the deep Highland Pine through to the light Silver Maple.

See the full range of Trespa Athlon colours at the Trespa website.

Fire Retardancy

All of our custodial furniture is manufactured from the Fire Retardant grade of Trespa. This has been tested to the latest European standards and copies of the fire certificates can be viewed by clicking here.

Off-site Assembly

On-site installation time is minimized by assembling the furniture in the controlled conditions of the workshop and bringing finished items to site.

CE Marking

With EN 438-7 European legislation regarding building products in force, Trespa International has announced that its range of building materials will carry CE marking with immediate effect – to indicate that its range of HPL panels fully complies with the requirements of the new European standard.

Why Trespa? The Lifetime Costing Analysis

There are many materials used in custodial furniture. A “lifetime costing” analysis will generally show Trespa furniture as the “lowest cost option”. Initial procurement costs will place furniture produced from traditional laminate faced boards as the cheapest option. These are however less durable particularly in damp conditions, the edges are susceptible to degradation over time and laminate edges cannot easily be radiused hence they present a potential for patient harm. The wide range of available laminate designs including wood grains gives a good choice to the designer. The innate strength of the material however makes it susceptible where abuse is a possibility.

Solid surface materials such as Corian have been used quite extensively in this sector. The absence of traditional laminate-style edging and the ability to shape the edges has particular advantages. The available colour choice is somewhat limited. Initial acquisition cost is high and often a limiting factor. With good design and appropriate fabrication techniques the material will withstand significant abuse.

Trespa has a wide range of colours both plain and speckled along with more abstract designs and woodgrains giving wide scope to the designer trying to avoid the institutional look. Visit the Trespa website to see the wide range of available Trespa Athlon colours. Trespa is unaffected by moisture in normal usage situations and gives extremely high fire retardancy. The material can be radiused to avoid sharp edges and with appropriate fabrication techniques fixings can be largely hidden.


The above cost/year indicator takes no account of the costs of facilities being out of commission while being repaired or re-installed.

Environmental Cost

It is vital that due allowance is taken of the environmental impact associated with the production of our furniture. Trespa is a wood based product sourced entirely from sustainable sources. Trespa has long enjoyed a reputation as a supplier of high-quality panel material for the building sector. Now the company has taken a further step towards bringing its policies and operations in line with the highest environmental standards – as witnessed by its being awarded ISO 14001 recognition. Visit the Trespa website to see the ISO certification.