The custodial furniture is manufactured from fire retardant Trespa compact grade laminate. Dependent on the thickness of the board individual sheets are often in excess of 120kgs and this presents specific Health & Safety concerns that need to be addressed.

In conjunction with detailed Risk Assessments we have invested in appropriate machinery to ensure that manual handling is minimized thereby creating a safe working environment for our staff. This applies as much to the factory where production takes place as to the site.

Factory Equipment

Beam Saw: SCM Sigma 90C Beam Saw with 3no air flotation tables and computer-controlled optimising software and with a vacuum lifting device for loading/unloading. The maximum sheet width that can be cut exceeds 3.2mtrs.

The beam saw is capable of cutting up to 50mm thickness of material which provides significant economies of scale in the production process. It is used to cut the individual panels from the large Trespa sheets before the panels are machined on the CNC Router machines.

CNC Router Machines

We have 2 separate multi-headed CNC router machines allowing us to machine panels up to 3mtrs by 1.5mtrs.Generally the panels are smaller allowing us to match the machining requirements to different machines to optimise machining times. The large bed sizes often allows us to machine more than one panel simultaneously. This reduces cost and also increases throughput capacity.

All machines have been appropriately updated to meet the most current legislative measures with regard to shielding of cutters to minimize noise and incorporate automatic braking systems.

Site Equipment

Materials are delivered to site in palletised form allowing the use of mechanical handling equipment to move the materials as close as possible to the final point of installation.

Wardrobes are sent to site as assembled units and these may weigh in excess of 50kgs. Metal beds are both heavy and cumbersome. Without appropriate risk assessments and mechanical handling equipment there is an unacceptably high risk of injury during the on-site operation.

A range of equipment is available to our staff and appropriate training is provided. This may include teleporters to unload vehicles, electrically powered stair lifters, genie lifters, specialised positioning lifts as well as pallet trucks and specialised barrows.