Safer Cell furniture must provide value for money otherwise why should anyone bother to buy it! Value means different things to different people and we attempt to clarify some of the matters here.

Safer Cell Systems plc aim to provide the lowest life cycle financial costing for furniture that provides a “safe” environment whilst at the same time providing a non-institutional setting. Costs will include the original build cost but also including any additional management costs associated with operation of the furniture. As an example we believe that Safer Cell Systems furniture will minimize the time taken to search a cell by designing out potential hiding places. As bespoke fabricators we will take into account the slightly differing design details found in your cells. We don’t simply offer a standard product.

The base material Trespa is warranted for a 10 year life but we believe that Safer Cell Systems furniture will comfortably provide 20+ years of service. The “down time” cost of cells being out of commission is therefore minimal. This can represent a significant cost for some furniture systems that may offer a lower initial acquisition cost. Under the current situation of extreme overcrowding the loss of a cell place will potentially require displaced prisoners to be held in police cells at a cost greatly exceeding a “normal” prison place.

Safety is vital and Safer Cell Systems furniture production is entirely with the Fire Retardant Grade of Trespa which complies with the latest EU standard with regard to fire retardancy and also for smoke emission.

The environmental cost cannot be ignored. The production process for Trespa complies with the ISO 140001 standard for environmental performance, additionally Trespa panels all comply with the latest EN 438-7 legislation regarding building products and are all marked accordingly.

Our furniture is only offered on a supply and fix basis. The installation methodology requires attention to detail and high skill levels to overcome specific site issues. Unlike many companies providing cell furniture we maximize the off site work to minimize the on site installation time. Our installation team have thousands of man hours of experience in the installation of this type of furniture. This experience minimizes installation time and ensure that snagging delays are minimal.

The combination of the above means that you, the customer, get a quality Safer Cell product, designed to your requirements, delivered to time and cost budget.